Thursday, August 29, 2013

30 Day of Ageplay: Day 3

Is your baby/little/middle side different from your big self? To elaborate, do you go by a different name, is your personality different, etc?

My litte side actually has two parts to it. They are not different personalities of mine or headmates, more like different sides of me. Both are similar to me but have some notable traits or ones that are more prominent. I don't go by different names but Daddy does have nicknames for me when I switch into the mind set of one or the other: princess and little brat. When I refer to either of them as "her", I am talking about myself and am not treating this like a separate persona.

Princess tends to be innocent and sweeter but on occasions she can be playfully haughty. She's a real Daddy's girl. She likes to believe that she is a real princess and Daddy spoils her. She enjoys being picked up and spun around or sitting in Daddy's lap and being covered in kisses.

Little Brat is a not really a brat, but the nickname was given because how much of a tease she is. She is much more direct about her needs and wants and has no qualms about it. Think in terms of Kokonoe Rin from Kodomo no Jikan. Like her opposite, Princess, she loves to play dress-up but prefers sexier outfits than the whimsical, girly ones. Despite being more of a nymphet, she loves loving-moments with her Daddy.

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