Friday, August 16, 2013

30 Days of Ageplay

  1.  Define what ageplay is to you. How do you or would you incorporate it into your relationship?
  2. Are you an adult baby, little, or middle? What age do you identify as?
  3. Do you have interests that may be older or younger than the age that you identify with?
  4.  Is your baby/little/middle side different from your big self? To elaborate, do you go by a different name, is your personality different, etc?
  5. Any change in voice or mannerisms?
  6. How did you know you were a baby/little/middle? Was there anything in your teen years that hinted at it being present?
  7. What is something that brings you to your little space? This can be something someone says, movies, and so on.
  8. Do you have any favorite toys or stuffies?
  9. What are some little activities or hobbies that you have?
  10. Tell us about an ageplay fantasy of yours. It can be sexual or non-sexual.
  11. Is there anyone that knows that you’re an ageplayer? Would you tell any of your closest friends?
  12. If you have a caretaker/partner, tell us how you told them about this topic. If not, how would you go about bringing up the subject?
  13. What’s the title you’ve given to your caretaker or Dom? If you don’t have one, what would you want to call him or her?
  14. Do you have any favorite titles for yourself?
  15. Has anyone found out that you’re an ageplayer? If not, how would you handle the situation if someone did?
  16. Give 3 ageplay-themed turn ons.
  17. Give 3 ageplay-themed turn offs.
  18. Post a picture of an outfit or article of clothing you’d like to wear that makes you feel your ageplay age.
  19. What’s your favorite Disney movie? How about Disney Princess?
  20. Any non-Disney movies that you would like to watch when you’re in your little headspace?
  21. What’s a (or several) misconception you’d like to bring up regarding ageplay?
  22. Since you started ageplaying, have you found yourself getting more into it? Do you find yourself slipping to a lower age group or possibly having several headspaces?
  23. Since opening up and making a Tumblr or Fetlife, have you made any little friends?
  24. Any hard limits that pertain to ageplay?
  25. Imagine you got to host a sleepover or party for ageplayers. Tell us about what you’d plan for it.
  26. Have you ever treated someone differently because their little’s age is different from yours? What are your thoughts on kink-shaming?
  27. The lolita fashion community has a strong dislike for ageplayers and those who share an interest between both. What would you say to them? (If you don’t have an interest in lolita fashion, what would you say to people who discriminate against ageplayers?)
  28.  Give us a store that sells clothes that you’d wear as a little.
  29. Say that your caretaker decided to treat you for your good behavior one day, how would you want to treat yourself?
  30. How do you feel about the stereotype that all littles are brats?

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