Friday, August 16, 2013

Confessing to my Bestie

Originally written May 1, 2012

I’ve never had any trouble telling my close guy friends about my kinks or my relationship with Daddy, a lot of guys aren’t too squeamish and judgmental when it comes to such things as girls are… at least not in my experience or not around me. I don’t have too many close, best girl friends anymore as I used to but I have one that I’ve seemed to always have (We’ve been friends for… 11 or 12 years?) but even up til now I was afraid to let her in on anything about my relationship or such.

My best friend called me up Wednesday and it wast the first time we had really talked in several months and I being in a decent mental state and happy (the past times I talked to her were some tough times and she was worried about me and I was just a mess). It was short-lived but she told me to call her back on Friday and I really looked forward to that. I did end up calling her and we talked for five hours, longest time I talked with her on the phone in years. But anyways, Wednesday evening I had told Daddy I wonder how she would react if I told her about us. I really wanted to tell her but I was scared; I remember years back when I had told her I was bi she was a little distant from me for a while or at least that’s how I perceived it. She’s also very protective of me. So I was wondering how she would react to something as big of a confession as this.

I called her on Friday and we talked about everything on our minds, it was amusing and felt natural, like how we used to talk when we would hang out before I moved. At some point in the phone conversation we got on the topic of sex and our relationships, she rarely spoke much about her boyfriend, hell the four years they’ve been together I’ve never heard her once complain about him or a problem with him ever. Anyways though, after she talked a bit about her sex life and relationship I fessed up. She knew Daddy existed already, of course, but as a boyfriend and nothing more. I told her how I was into several aspects of BDSM, various kinks (I didn’t go into detail), and told her about Daddy and I being part of a D/s relationship. I remember her asking if he was my Master and that’s when I corrected her and told her I call him “Daddy” and explained why. Her reaction was something I was not prepared for, “That’s so cute!” Part of me was bracing for the worst and her thinking poorly of me and Daddy and judging us. She began asking me more about us, how our relationship came to be this way, why I chose to call him Daddy, what nicknames he has for me, etc. It was a wonderful feeling to see that my best friend in the entire world accepted me as I am and even took interest into hearing what I had to say about this. Funny enough, her boyfriend calls her “babygirl”, “babydoll”, and “little one” but as far as from what she told me, they’re not a Daddy/babygirl couple, they’re just more experimental with their sex life and he just calls her those as nicknames and nothing more (like no meaning behind it).

Even if she hadn’t been so accepting of my relationship with Daddy or of Daddy it wouldn’t have made a difference between him and I but it felt really nice that she “approved”. I feel like I don’t have to hide things from her and keep my real self away from her anymore. In general, the past six months I felt her and I had been drifting because conversations between us felt different, she was different, and I know I was too and I got scared. But Friday canceled out all those fears, not even just because telling her about Daddy and I, but just because of how we talked together. I hadn’t laughed with her like that in so long or felt that close with her. I told Daddy she’s like my big sister, not that I haven’t always seen her as my sister, but a big sister now because she’s protective of me and cares so much for me.

I love her, she’s the best friend I could ever ask for. I can’t wait to see her again soon.


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