Friday, August 30, 2013

Dance For Me, My Slave

Daddy came home from another long day at work. He slumped in His chair and relaxed, looking around wondering why I hadn’t greeted Him at the door like I normally do. He was just about to call my name when her heard distant chimes coming in His direction. I walked into the room, adorned in a pink, sheer skirt that flowed with my movements, and silver anklets with little bells on it. When I reached His chair, I bowed for Him; kneeling down but with my torso lowered to the ground, my head tilted inward, and my palms facing downward against the floor. He grinned at me and reached down to place His hand on my head to gently pet it, speaking calming, “That’s a good little slave. You may rise.”

I sat up for Him slowly, it’s always done a particular way: my torso rises up first and my arms are pulled inward until I am kneeling completely upright and my hands are resting on my knees. I looked up at Him and smiled, “I have a little dance for you, My Lord.” He seemed to be intrigued by this because He looked at me with an eyebrow cocked up.

I had the tune playing in my head over and over, I was ready to show what I had learnt in my dance class. I had been been in the class for quite sometime but this would be the first time he would see the progress. I took a few steps back and slowly lifted my arms upward from the side of my body until my middle fingers almost touched each other and then brought them back down about shoulder length. I began to slowly move my hips, gradually making the movements more noticeable. I switched from the sensual, flowing move of my hips to more abrupt movements; pushing one side of my hip up and then rocking the other side. My arms moved with the rhythm of my hips, swaying up and down and as my hands would turn. 

Every so often I would glance at Him and smile, I could see the hunger growing in His eyes. I continued rocking my hips but pushed a foot out, pressing my weight on it and with each up-movement of my hips, my body turned. I placed my hands on my hips and did a quick shimmy, showing off my cute bum as the fabric moved with it. I turned back at Him and smiled and saw Him reach out to touch me but I wasn't in arm's length which made me smirk.

It wasn't hard to tell that Daddy was getting frustrated but it wasn't like Him to announce His need, it was more of His style to take what He wanted. He pulled His arm back but began to undo His pants, making sure that I was watching. I could see the bulge pushing against the fabric, I couldn't help but lick my lips. I resisted though, just enough to finish my dance and bow for Him. It was at that moment that I walked over to His chair and my collar was grabbed by the O-ring. He freed His cock and muttered through clenched teeth, "Look what you've done..."

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