Friday, August 16, 2013

Dog Days

Three days ago, despite being sick as a dog, I was extremely horny throughout the day. We ended up playing around 4 or 5 times yesterday. Daddy likes to tell me that when I get like that I’m a bitch in heat. It’s amusing too because I let go of my inhibitions and will do and say things that I normally wouldn’t have the courage for.

Normally when I’m horny, I get wiggly and that’s normally Daddy’s cue that I want to play. I didn’t have my toys yesterday since I was at my mum’s house so I had to do without. Now I can’t remember which round it was, because we ended up playing twice while at my mum’s house… But I think it was the first round where I got needy enough to run off to the bathroom for a bottle. It’s been a long time since I used a makeshift toy, and I probably won’t use one again because the edges weren’t smooth enough and I hurt myself. Yeah, now I remember, this is why we had to take a break.
Of course it wasn’t long until I started getting needy again, so we continued again, just without the bottle. I started touching myself a bit and brought my hand back up to the cam’s view to show my juices clinging on to my fingers. After that touch, He began to tease me a bit.
Maybe I should keep you needy and not let you touch yourself until you get home. t’s a shame you don’t have your pillow here. Continue humping the bed, little bitch
He gets a kick out of that and enjoys seeing my pleasure. I was surprised when He told me to suck my thumb. I’m not a thumb sucker, but my fingers usually draw near my mouth or I bite my baby blanky or pillow. I did as He said though and I loved it, it made me feel adorable.
There’s something strange about being turned on by you seductively sucking your thumb.
Because yes, I had to make my one little twist to the innocent-looking thumb sucking.
We got interrupted a little bit after because my dad was coming to to pick me up, but even if I hadn’t been interrupted, I wouldn’t have been allowed to cum until we got home. The pillow that Daddy mentioned is one of the decoration pillows I have on my bed. When we first started dating, there were a lot of times that I’d straddle the pillow and grind against it.

When I got home, I ran off to my room and after waiting a bit for privacy, we picked up where we left off. Unless I’m being a tease, I have a tendency to sit around, giggling and shaking until I’m told to take off my clothes. So I got the usual order.
Well, little girl, what are you waiting for? Off with your panties?
So that led on to our third playtime and it lasted quite a while. He started off with having me hump my pillow. After I was told to show Him how wet I was, I was then allowed to grab my toys: the egg and dildo. For the past month or two, I’ve been ordered to stick out my tongue like a little puppy would. Sometimes He tells me, “No talking; dogs don’t speak.” This wasn’t one of those times but I love it when He says that.
About an hour or hour and a half later we finished. Thankfully I’m allowed to cum several times when we play, I normally don’t have to wait until Daddy cums; I don’t know how he can hold back for so long. Actually, no I do, He has a few techniques that He uses which gives me the advantage of seeing His cock throb. I love it.

About an hour later, I was horny again and so we played again. I don’t think Daddy got to cum a second time, though, I think we had stopped because I started to feel sick. Stopping because I feel sick has been a common occurrence lately but we manage and he never minds it. Majority of the time if it happens we just take a break and 10 minutes later we’re back at it.

A little bit before Daddy when to bed, I told Him I wanted to play dress-up. It was part of my devious plan to keep Him up a bit longer. I came out with 5 outfits (1 was a variation of another): a pretty, flowing night gown; a sexy bad girl/goth outfit; two variations of a school girl uniform; and a yellow dress. Each time I’d change, I’d crouch down and hide on the other side of the bed so it’d be a surprise.

Daddy’s favorite was the goth girl one. It’s more “mall goth” than true goth but it was cute. The outfit consisted of a long sleeve, black fishnet top; a short tartan skirt that had chains; thigh-high black and white striped tights; and two arm sleeves, one fishnet and the other was black and white striped. Mind you, I had no panties undergarments worn under any of this, so my tits were completely exposed as well as my holes when I’d bend over. I took advantage of this and let’s just it was fun to tease Him. I poked up from behind the bed to show the outfit and I began lifting up the top a bit as I bounced around. I could hear Him almost hissing as he said, “Goddamn, babygirl.” I then lifted up my skirt a tad from the front then turned around and lifted the back to expose my bum. I hopped on the bed and continued with my teasing, laying across my bed and running my hands up and down my body, pulling the fabric along with it.

Daddy mentioned that he wanted to take pictures but the cam feed wasn’t too great. I would have taken pictures but my room’s a disaster and my camera’s battery wasn’t charged. But we decided maybe this week I can take some pictures. My room has to be cleaned first. :)

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