Friday, August 16, 2013

Good Vibes

Originally written March 31, 2013

Two days ago Daddy and I discussed the idea of wearing my egg out in public for the first time. Unfortunately Daddy’s not physically with me and my egg isn’t remote control, so it wouldn’t have been as fun as if he were next to me and randomly spiking it up. Nonetheless, I was really excited about wearing it. Daddy had said that he doubt I’d be able to sit still and keep quiet, I told him “challenge accepted”. I had also promised to take pictures for Daddy but I didn’t because of other reasons (if you’re reading this, Daddy, I’ll explain to you why tomorrow).

Today was one of our monthly lolita meet ups. I’ve been to plenty now, at least 1 or 2 each month since September. Most of the time we go out for tea, which I really enjoy, but today was a craft meet. We reserved a room at library for a couple hours and brought our own crafts to work on and talk together. Before I go on further with the story, I should mention I can’t and don’t drive. So normally friends or my mom is my transportation. So considering I’d be stuck in the car with her for an hour and a half to two hours, I held off wearing it.

I got to the library and went up to the room. My mom was lingering for a bit, basically waiting to ask for cafe recommendations so she could have something to do (and eat) while I crafted with my friend for the next two hours. In the mean time I just attempted to crochet a bunny amigurumi and failed because I had no idea what she was doing. I had suddenly got a text from Daddy, He told me that even though He was going to be busy for the day and evening that He’d check up on me. I had told Him that I hadn’t put my egg in yet but would soon, just was waiting for my mom to head out. Not long after replying, she left and Daddy had to go as well but I told Him that since she was gone, I could head to the bathroom and slip it in.

I got up to use the bathroom and my friend followed me; normally I don’t mind bathroom company but considering I was going to the bathroom not use the bathroom, things were a little awkward. I pulled it out of my purse and made sure that I wasn’t touching the dial before it slipped in because the last thing I need is bzzzzz while my friend’s in the stall next to me. Anyways, I slipped it in and turned the dial to be about half way, and made sure it was secure in my bloomers. I could’ve turned it higher but I was afraid it’d be too noisy; everything sounds like fuck’n surround sound when your surroundings are quiet.

I walked out of the bathroom like nothing and casually talked with my friend til we got back to the room. Thankfully for the first hour of the meet, the room was fairly loud. We were all laughing our asses off at silly remarks and such. There were a few times where it must’ve rubbed against my spot because I’d get a shiver down my spine which made me wiggle a bit, but nothing too obvious. I really did expect more from it, maybe my egg’s faulty motor is partially to blame.

Around the hour and a half mark, my mom returned and so did my friend’s mom. It had quiet down a bit by then since everyone had really gotten into whatever they were doing. I started to get a little nervous and paranoid then but I refused to run to the bathroom and take it out. I figured I might as well wear it during the entire meet. What can I say? I liked the thrill.

We had to be out of the room by three so we headed over to a sushi restaurant. Because our group was so large, we ended up sitting in a booth and chairs. I should have picked a chair, but I wasn’t thinking and everyone had already grabbed the chairs, so I slid into the booth. Let me tell you, if the idea of the sound possibly being heard was bad, the idea that the vibrations could be felt from me in the booth were worse. I could faintly hear it and I swear I felt like I must have been emitting vibrations which is pretty embarrassing because my other friend’s boyfriend was sitting next to me. I started to get nervous and paranoid again but I managed to distract myself enough to not pay attention to it.

It actually became a problem after we were finished eating and had gotten up to leave the restaurant, I felt the egg’s controller slip out one of the legs’ of my bloomers. Had I not grabbed it through my dress it would’ve been hanging under my dress in plain view. At that point I had to run to the bathroom and fix it.
I finally ended up taking out a couple hours later after leaving the mall to head back home. It had kind of become slightly painful by then, I’m not sure why. But I did manage to wear it from 2-7, so that was a fairly decent amount of time. I would definitely wear it again though, even if it didn’t turn out to be what I expected. At least it did make me pretty wet.

Maybe I should ask Daddy about wearing it to church tomorrow…

Edit:I typed “plug” in here accidentally. I caught one but if you see it more, it should be “egg”.

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