Friday, August 16, 2013

How Did Your Daddy Train You?

I got this question asked to me by a new Daddy but because I’m on my phone and won’t have computer access until tomorrow, I figured I’d write a post to answer it. It’s a good question anyways.
I talked this out with my Daddy and we came to the conclusion that there really is no “how to” on training your submissive. This is because the training process is unique to each couple. Training is teaching your submissive about theirself and mending them to fit your needs. Maybe she you see potential in her and she needs that help from you to help her unleash. Or maybe she has self esteem problems, fixing those is also a part of training.
Think of training as an art and you are a crafter, perhaps a carpenter or potter. You are given a block of wood or clay and it’s your job to work with it to a desired result. Your submissive is your work of art or masterpiece. Your sub, the end result, reflects you; how well you were able to finish your masterpiece.
When Daddy met me I was a rough gem, I had the potential to be something beautiful but I needed to be worked on first. My training started in August of 2011, we were already 6 months into our relationship but because I was going through some personal issues at the time, Daddy wanted to wait and make sure that I was well enough to pursue my role as His sub. I was eager to learn and be train.
Our first task was teaching me pleasure, I didn’t quite know how to please myself. Before Daddy I had never had an orgasm before. We experimented with different techniques to figure out what worked with my body; after all, the body is an instrument and you have to learn it to create beautiful music. While exploring the physical part of pleasure, we had to dive a bit into my mind to unlock my hidden fetishes and fantasies. That has been a long term task though and even a year and a half later I’m still learning about myself. Along with discovering those things it was another task to help me to understand that it was okay to like taboo things.
Our other big task has been an ongoing one as well and that was dealing with insecurities and fixing flaws in my personality. Before I go on, I want to say that the flaws we had to fix were not just based on what he didn’t like, a lot of things were mutual. When training started I had a terrible self image and it was Daddy’s job to help fix that. One of my biggest insecurities was my pussy, I had thought something was wrong with me because it didn’t look “normal”; my folds peeked through my lips. I hated it. What made it worse is that an ex and a urologist I had been seeing commented on it. Even before official training, improving my overall self image was really important. I remember I was terrified of showing myself because I thought He would think it was ugly too. Needless to say, I was very wrong. With His help I have come to learn that I am not broken and that my body is not messed up, I see myself as beautiful; that’s not to say that I’m not shy about specific areas still or that I don’t have bad days.
As for personality flaws I mentioned, there were many… Flaws in thinking, bad habits, bad manners, and other things. We’ve had to learn how to fix those things so that I could become a better me that we both could be proud of, but more importantly, me. A lot of things were fixed through punishment, like talking back and being disrespectful in other ways. Remember that punishment should be about teaching your sub a lesson, physical punishments can (and should in my opinion) be complimented by explanations as to why what they did was wrong, depending on the issue of course.
I can’t say that training is done, there’s always so much more that I can learn, be introduced to, try, and so on. But what I can tell you is that Daddy is proud of me and Himself, we’ve come a long way. You can to if you talk with your submissive and figure out what they want to achieve and what you would like them to achieve. It takes two to tango so remember that she has to be willing to learn and discover new things, it shouldn’t be forced.

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