Friday, August 16, 2013

Learning to Bow

Today Daddy taught me how to bow.

Yesterday I had reblogged a picture of a Gorean couple (from what Daddy says) and the kajira was bowing while the Master sat at the table; neither of us have an interest in the Gorean lifestyle, but I found the picture adorable. I explained to Him how I thought bowing was an adorable way of showing respect and a way of greeting. He offered to teach me how to bow. My eyes lit up as he began to speak:
On your knees, babygirl.
Legs together and make sure your feet are pressed on the ground; not the sole part though.
Rest your bum on your heels and lower yourself.
Let your forehead touch the ground. Now rest your elbows and palms on the ground next to your head.
Yes, just like that.
I stayed in that position for a few moments before sitting back up but still on my knees with my hands placed on my thighs.
"How did you like it?"
"I liked it a lot"
"Very well. When we’re living together and I come home from work, I expect to be greeted that way. Understood?"
"Yes, Sir."
I was all smiles, Daddy even pointed it out. He said he loved to see the exaltation in my face. Since then I’ve bowed several times tonight just because I enjoyed doing it so much.

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