Friday, August 16, 2013

My Daddy!

babybunniedoll asked you:
teehee hiya Bunny, im Bunnie nice to meet you. :3 i was just really curious, i’ve always loved ur blog, its soo coot. <3 What is your daddy like? >w<
Ello Bunnie! Look at us, bunnies are appearing everywhere on Tumblr. Somebunny’s clearly doing what bunnies do best *cough* fucking *cough*  That’s my only explanation for the increasing bunny population. Hehe. Also, thank you. :3

Let’s see… How to describe my Daddy…
In the past, I’ve describe Him as a fine ass specimen of the human species. He has a round face with a mustache and goatee. Nice lips that aren’t too thick or thin, I think they suit Him just right; very kissable in my opinion. He has long brown hair that reaches His back, it’s normally worn tied back when He’s out and about. He has slightly Asian-looking eyes though He’s not Asian. I should add that He wears square glasses that are rounded around the angles. He’s not too tall but definitely not short.

He’s rather enigmatic when you first meet Him; very private about Himself until He gains your trust. Think of it as a knight wearing full-body armor, you only see what’s on the outside until the armor is removed. Once you gain His trust He really opens up and reveals more of His true personality to you. For anyone who’s familiar with the  Myer’s Briggs personality types, He’s an INTP. I believe he scored a solid 100% on INTP where I’m an INFP but scored about 50% on each section. Carrying on… He’s very mature for His age. He’s extremely intelligent, logical, and well-spoken in both Hungarian and English. Swears like a sailor but meh, we both do. He enjoys intelligent conversations and debates. A good debate is the equivalent of playing chess for Him; He really sees it as a game of wits and likes to seek out worthy opponents.

He’s into programming and has been doing it for a really long time. It’s funny because He’s in college right now and most of the first part of the year was such a big review for Him, that He’d teach the class or correct the teacher on certain things. I think that a lot of guys I know that are His age would find Him and His interests boring. Aside from all that, He also really enjoys traditional RPG’s and gaming. I don’t think there’s ever a moment where He’s not playing some sort of game. He’s really damn good at games too and, unlike me, doesn’t give up easily when He comes across challenges. His love for gaming and good background in programming has given Him the idea to try creating games at some point in the future. He has some ideas but they’re pretty elaborate and He feels He doesn’t have time to dedicate to it.

Towards me:
Because I see Him on a much more personal level and am special to Him, I get to see more than just the above. Depending on the situation and topic, He can be fairly playful with me or very strict and stern. We have our intellectual and serious conversations, usually Him teaching me something; and of course we have our random and spontaneous conversations. We enjoy both. I can’t tell you how many times in a day that I laugh because of Him. We have our silly inside jokes and make silly faces at each other on Skype. I actually have pictures of Him putting silly bead eyes in his glasses in place of His eyes and it just looks hilarious. We have similar ideas of what we find funny, which is usually really crude and offensive humor. So He does have a more “fun” side to Him.

He’s very loving and understanding, most of the time not quick to judge. Okay, I take that back, there are some things that He does not agree with and would create some sort of judgement, but it’s rare. He’s easy to talk to about issues or concerns because He’s not quick to judge. He has a temper, like I do, but can keep His cool until something sets Him off. He’s very supportive of me and decisions I make in my life. If He doesn’t agree with something, He’ll express it and have me reconsider my decision. There are other issues where He has the right to step in and make the decision for me but that’s because I’ve given Him the permission to do so.

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