Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Rules

Current rules:
  • No disrespecting Daddy. Acting disrespectful will get me ignored until I am sorry and say so or until Daddy feels ready to speak to me again.
  • If I am commanded to do something, I am to do so.
  • If I am asked of something that I don’t feel comfortable doing I am to speak up and he will find a compromise.
  • I’m not allowed to hide things from Daddy.
  • I’m not allowed to play with myself without asking permission from Daddy first.
  • Any rule I break I am to let Daddy know.
  • I am to learn better self control over my mood swings and anger and think before I speak.
  • Take my punishments like a good girl. Punishments are for me to realize I’ve done something wrong and to learn from.
  • I’m also not allowed to put myself down in any way, I think that goes with the disrespect rule though.
  • I am to always do my best. Striving for perfection is silly but striving to the best I can for Daddy is what he asks of me.
  • Acknowledge my health and take better care of myself.
  • There will inspections after sleepovers.*
  • I am not allowed to be touched sexually by others without Daddy's approval first.**
  • If a rule seems unclear to me, I am to ask for elaboration. No more making assumptions.***
For the future (when we’re together):
  • Before I wear an outfit, I am to get Daddy’s approval on it first (Or Daddy may just decide to choose an outfit for me and I am to wear it).
  • Always be ready for Daddy’s use. Inspections will be put in place and I am to comply.
  • Regardless of where we are or circumstances, if Daddy asks me to hand over my panties, I am to do so at that moment without hesitation.
  • Bedtimes may be enforced… (I think it’s a form of punishment but I’m sure that my terrible sleeping habit will get me a bedtime. Either way, he’s mentioned this several times before.)
  • If Daddy wants privacy and is in his study, I am to respect his privacy and let him be.
Rules may be added on as needed by Daddy.

*[2/17/2013 12:34 AM] Daddy: Perhaps I should make it customary to inspect you whenever you return home from hanging out with someone.
Not that I don’t trust you, but knowing you, you’d enjoy proving that you’ve been a good girl, wouldn’t you.
[2/17/2013 12:36 AM] Daddy: Very well. In that case, whenever you return home, you are to remove your panties and come to me for an inspection before doing anything else.
Actually, not just your panties. You should come nude so I can inspect your whole body if I so wish.
If your body has been tarnished somehow (say, you’ve been out in a club and some asshole felt you up, like it’s happened before), it’s during those inspections that you should tell me, so I can cleanse it.

Most Recent Rules:
**Daddy: Only people I approved in advance get to touch you. And yes, that's a rule.
Everyone else counts as filthy. If the touch was inadvertent, I will cleanse your body. If you subjected yourself to it, you will wait until it wears off (that is, until I can touch you without thinking of it anymore).

***Daddy: Which reminds me, from now on, when you feel the slightest bit uncertain about something, you are to ask for instructions.


  1. Do you two have a contract between the two of you or are these rules just mutually understood? I'm sorry, I'm trying to understand the respectable way to delve into this world.

  2. Usually, These rules are set into place by a Dom/Sub couple, and it is a mutually understood agreement that the sub will not break the rules.
    As a Submissive recently becoming involved with a Dominant, we are currently creating our own rules. There doesnt have to be a contract, its all preference, usually.

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  4. Ignoring your little is ABUSE. Yo can be put in time out as a little but ignoring your little means loss of contact.