Friday, September 13, 2013

30 Days of Ageplay: Day 10

Tell us about an ageplay fantasy of yours. It can be sexual or non-sexual.

Unfortunately I'll have to keep this non-sexual since Blogger has strict rules on NSFW content.

An ageplay fantasy that I have would be of day of giving in to my childish side with Daddy. I would love if one weekend that Daddy surprised me by laying out an outfit on the bed for me to wear for the day, something girly and cute-looking. Daddy and I would bathe together and then He could help me get dressed and do my hair - maybe some low braids or high pigtails.

Afterwards Daddy would take me to empty park where I could swing for a bit... Maybe even be walked around on my leash afterwards. Then I'd like to head out for ice cream together. I'd get a big waffle cone with several scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with strawberry syrup, strawberry pieces, and chocolate chips. Daddy will definitely have to carry around some napkins for me because I'll probably end up making a mess around my mouth. Of course, He could always just wipe my mouth clean and then lick off the mix of strawberry sauce and ice cream off of His finger.

Perhaps we could walk around town for a bit and then head back home. I'd run inside the house and sit on my favorite spot on the couch and ask for Daddy to put on a movie for us to watch again. I'd cook us some extra buttery popcorn then head back in the living room and cuddle up to Him and enjoy the movie together.

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