Tuesday, September 17, 2013

30 Days of Ageplay: Day 12 and Day 13

If you have a caretaker/partner, tell us how you told them about this topic. If not, how would you go about bringing up the subject?
What’s the title you’ve given to your caretaker or Dom? If you don’t have one, what would you want to call him or her?
I'm combining these two because it's easier for explanation sake. I realized that while answering day 12, day 13 was answered too.
Back in early 2011, I had made it clear that at some point I wanted a D/s dynamic in our relationship. It's something He wanted too, He had even had a submissive at the time who turned out to be my girlfriend in the future. At the time I was really set on being a kitten and exploring pet play.  Personal reasons on both sides kept us from establishing the dynamic until August 2011. 

My training began but a few days later, I was having second thoughts about calling Him "Master". Because of my previous relationship, it left a bad taste in my mouth despite the fact that months before this, I would call Him that name every so often. I had been introduced to the DD/lg (it was actually Daddy Dom and babygirl back then) community through Tumblr, and I decided to read up on it more. Upon reading I realized that I was a babygirl, I fit the explanation almost perfectly. I brought up to Him and told Him about it, as well as asking if it was something we could pursue. He was a little hesitant about it at first but agreed.

On Fetlife the DD/lg community was split between non-ageplay babygirls and ageplay babygirls. I identified with the former back then because I had no interest in ageplay. I felt that naturally I had interests that were younger than my given age (18 at the time) so I didn't feel the need or point of having a regression age. You can read more about that here

It wasn't until about February 2012 that I actually did start regressing. At the beginning it was just a voice change and change in mannerisms but it's been a slippery slope downward since. I think both of us were pretty surprised since it was not something He was into and neither was I, but He wasn't mad. A big part of my training was learning to accept myself, so He reassured me and told me to just give in to it in the future.

So confessing I am an ageplaying wasn't really something done verbally, it was just something that happened and we discussed it afterwards. I feel I am lucky to have a boyfriend who has been accepting of my kinks and has been with me every step of the way through this - no, our journey.

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