Monday, September 2, 2013

30 Days of Ageplay: Day 5

Any change in voice or mannerisms?
I do have a change in voice and it's predictable - my voice sounds higher pitched. It's not exaggerated or combined with baby-speak though.

My mannerisms do change a bit as well, I have a tendency to speak more in 3rd person and use my own vocabulary for certain things:

  • My Daddy: ”Daddy” “Sir” "Apuci"
  • Myself: “bunny” “doll” “little girl” “puppy"
    ** “Puppy” is used when we’re engaging in pet play 
  • Impact play: ”spankings"
  • My Vagina: ”bunny hole” “pretty pussy” 
  • My Ass: “bunny buns” “bum” 
  • Penis: ”cock” 
  • Sex: ”playtime”  

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