Tuesday, September 10, 2013

30 Days of Ageplay: Day 9

What are some little activities or hobbies that you have?

Whoops, I'm running behind on this again.
I sat for a few moments and tried to think of little activities or hobbies that I might have and I couldn't come up with many. I'm not into coloring books; don't get me wrong, I love to color it's just that I prefer it to be my own artwork. I'm not a fan of the paper used for coloring books either, it's like it's made solely for crayons and I hate crayons.

I love movies, especially classic Disney movies that I watched as a kid. They never get old to me. I still own all my favorites on VHS, but our VCR no longer works so I don't watch them unless ABC Family or Disney Channel is showing them.

I also like kid's toys still. I don't play with them often mainly because I don't have many left and it's boring to play alone, but I find the toy aisle at stores hard to resist. It's a shame that I don't drive because when I go to the store, it's with my parents and it would be weird to just run off to those aisles. Well... Monster High dolls could be my excuse.

I think the most obvious interest for me is playing dress up. No, I'm not talking about heading to the mall and just trying clothes on, I'm talking about going through my closet and putting on several outfits to show off to Daddy. Sometimes I love to wear cutesy outfits, I have this adorable Victoria's Secret shirt that's almost like a dress and it's beautiful. There are other times where I like to attempt a (mall) goth look with what little I have to create it.

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