Sunday, September 1, 2013

Just think, Daddy...

Originally written: Sept. 23, 2011

After all that time spent waiting, we're finally together. Most likely on a bus to some hotel around the capital so we'd have to behave a bit... Of course that doesn't completely stop me. You know how I am. I'm sitting next to you looking all cute and wearing some short little skirt. I look around for a few moments to see if anyone's around. Everything's clear and I tap your shoulder, looking at you with a cheeky grin. You look over to see me pointing down as I briefly lift up my skirt. It occurs to you that the entire time I haven't been wearing panties and now it's all in your view, my soft, clean-shaven mound and delicate pink folds. Your hand reaches down between my thighs and your fingers brush against my folds.

I look up at you with a smirk and whisper in your ear, "Behave, Daddy, we wouldn't want to be seen and get in trouble. Besides, we'll have plenty of time to play later." Of course, I'm not one to give orders but I'm right... Then again considering I'm the one who teased first, I'm no better. We calm down though it's clear our patience is slowly failing and our mind is focused on getting our hands (and more) on each other. However, we manage 'til we reach the hotel.

Finally, a room to ourselves and no one to disturb us. You close the door behind me as I set me bags down and sit on the bed, lying back and calling for you. My legs are spread apart and exposing myself from beneath my skirt. "Daddy, would you like to play with me?" I whisper as I spread my lips. You walk over to the side of the bed next to me and I grab your writ, pulling you down next to her and climbing over your lap
and straddling you. I lean in to brush my lips against yours, finally meeting yours in a passionate kiss and slipping my tongue in. My tongue wrestles with yours as my hand grabs the bulge in your pant and a finger presses down along your shaft through the fabric.

You undo your pants and pull them down, freeing your hard, thick cock with a drop of precum glistening from the tip. I wrap my legs around your waist and chuckles as I grind my pussy against your shaft and covering it in my juices. You lower your head to my neck and lay soft kisses at at first, but it's not long before I feel your teeth graze against my skin before biting down. A soft sigh escapes my lips, lifting my hips up and lowering myself onto you slowly, feeling your head pushing against my tight entrance and slipping in. I can't help but let out a soft moan; that sensation and moment I've been waiting so long for.

I lower myself further down your thick length. I can feel my insides clenching around it tightly. Slowly I begin moving my hips against yours, riding you and increasing my pace a bit more each time you thrust into me. Deeper and deeper each time, you pull out almost all the way and pound into me hard. I feel your lips wrapping around one of my tits, your tongue flicking against my sensitive and perky nipple and muffling a moan. I lean forward to you and wrap my arms around you, my head against yours and a soft moan escaping my lips right against your ear. "Daddy..." I sigh softly as the pleasure builds up and I reach my limit. I don't dare let go though, not yet, not 'til Daddy says so.

Your thrusts speed up and your hips occasionally buck. My nails dig into your back and rake down them, panting as I continue moving my hips with yours but completely out of rhythm already. Your hand glides down between our bodies and pushes against my clit, rubbing it hard. I bite my lip and moan a bit louder. Your head lifts from my tits to my ear and you whisper, "I'm getting close, babygirl." I can hear it in your voice, your resistance failing like mine. Your hips thrust up swiftly and you push your entire length as deep as you can, doing this a couple times.

Suddenly your hands move down to my hips and hold them down and through your teeth I hear you mutter, "Cum for me, babygirl." I let go myself and release the built-up pleasure in my body, my back arching and my head thrown back as I let out a loud moan. My inner walls grip your cock hard as you release your warm cum into me, your grip on my hips holding me down until every last drop of cum has filled me. Your lips part to let out a loud groan but I move in for another kiss, muffling the sound and locking our lips until we're both almost out of breath. I pull away and look down at you with a loving smile. And then and there is when I experience my moment of bliss, perfection, and love.

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