Friday, September 13, 2013

Let's get one thing straight, if you ever send a message like the one below to someone, you're an idiot:
If you feel the need to demand someone to bow down to you and submit, you don't know a thing about dominance and submission. If you feel the need to use manipulation and inflict fear to gain control, you still don't know a thing about D/s. I wouldn't even call you a Dom if you presented yourself that way. So atmyfeetkunktt, let me teach you a thing or two, not that you deserve to be taught but because you need to be knocked off your high horse.

First off, if you took your hand off your tiny dick and actually read my profile, you'd have found out that I am owned and not looking for another Dom. Let me make this clear, just because a man or woman is a submissive does not mean that they are obligated to serve you. Even if I wasn't owned, I don't have to do jackshit for you, I don't owe anything to you. You have not earned my submission.

Being Dom is not about having the ability to control someone. It's not about being an abusive prick. It's not about getting to fuck someone with their consent. It's about love, trust, respect, and honesty. To dominate someone is not just owning them but also be there as a mentor. Your primary role as a Dom is to help a submissive grow not only into their role but also help them grow as a person. This is more than name calling and dominance in the bedroom, this is ownership of another human being. That means you are responsible for what happens to them under your care.

If you can't treat another human being with the respect that they deserve, then why should they respect you? Like submission, full respect is earn. Treat others how you'd want to be treated.