Monday, September 2, 2013

The Little Mistress

The majority of posts in this blog are me talking about my experiences as a submissive but on the side, I'm a haughty little Mistress. I don't get in this mindset too often but when I do it's because my confidence is pretty high. I don't have much experience being a Mistress but I'm learning. I look up to Daddy for guidance. I think what calls my attention is being able to get what I want and sate my sadistic side. I'm not much of pain sadist but a pleasure one; there's actually a fine line between pain and pleasure. I also love humiliation, which is something I like as a submissive as well.

I have a puppy boy, I don’t own him and we’re not a 24/7 - it’s more roleplaying but I like it that way. I don’t feel like I know enough about being a Domme to own someone and I can’t say I feel responsible enough to take that role yet. It’s also a bit tough on me since I’m trying to figure out my sexuality. I’m not sexually attracted to men but having a guy sub sounds far more intriguing than a woman sub. I think it’s because there’s more room for me to humiliate them. There’s satisfaction in seeing how desperate I can make a man.

Having a puppy has let me explore this side of mine and let it grow. We do have our limits together that's anal play or physical impacts, but most everything else goes. I can humiliate him by calling him a bitch boy or remind me him what his friends would think of him if they saw him this way. I can make him edge a few times and deny him of orgasm. I love the way he whimpers and begs.

There's something else I can get away with though, and that's foot worshiping. As a foot fetishist on both the receiving and giving end, this is something I really love. I can make him kiss my feet or massage them as I please. I haven't mentioned it before but I'm very nimble with my feet, they're like a second pair of hands for me. This makes for exciting foot jobs which show him his place and humiliate him in the sense that he has to be good and earn the privilege to be touched by my hands.

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