Friday, September 6, 2013

When He's Happy, I'm happy

A few days ago Daddy got a collaboration request from an acquaintance to work together to create a game. He has made games on His own before but honestly expressed that it's harder to work on His own. Daddy was beaming with happiness seeing this as a great opportunity to start coding again and giving Him motivation to work again. There was even a mention about monetizing it in the future.

After He told me this, I told Him, "Today is going to be a good day because I said so," and it was. A few hours later, a large envelope was handed to me and it was my GED results. We were Skyping so I held up the envelope and opened it, taking a deep breath before pulling the contents out. I passed! In my hand I had my diploma and transcripts, everything I needed to apply for college in the spring. I was so happy and I could see it on His face too, I could tell He was proud of me.

I bring this up because as His girlfriend and submissive, it brings me joy to see the man I love smile. He is normally a rather sullen man, well not around me but in general. He's not easily amused by things like I am. So to see something other myself make Him happy makes me smile. And I know it's something mutual. Setting selfish desires aside, there is nothing else in life I'd want than to see my Daddy in good spirits and being successful in what He does. We are supportive of each other, but that's not to say that we would let either engage in something that's stupid or unsafe.


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