Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sorry for the lack of updates lately

I’ve been pretty busy with friends lately and when I wasn’t busy, I haven’t had privacy with Daddy or kitten. Thursday was my first time playing with Daddy in almost a week.

I’m going to be out with family for Thanksgiving so this week is my week with my loves before I leave. It sounds like Daddy has some plans for the three of us to play together for the first time, given the opportunity and privacy. I’m really looking forward to this but kitten and I are still very shy about making moves on each other so it’ll be interesting how that plays out. Daddy tells me that she wants me to dominate her at some point. *wink* Also little does Daddy know that I could really go for some funishment spankings in the next few day. 20 tends to be our magical number for that.

I will try to be more active this week with my blog in general instead of just queueing things. I also got some new panties last weekend that I’ve been dying to show off on here. My first g-string! *A*
Have a good weekend everyone.

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