Monday, March 10, 2014

The Difference Between DD/lg and Ageplay

Edit: Feb 24, 2016 - This page has been rewritten with better information, please click here.

As Tumblr has made DD/lg more well-known and popular, I feel there are many newbies who coming in with the wrong idea of the DD/lg dynamic. I've noticed that a lot of newbies think that DD/lg is simply calling someone Daddy/Mommy and having age regression interests such as sippy cups, coloring books, pacifiers, etc. A lot of them have no idea that what they're interested in is ageplay and not the DD/lg dynamic but if you try to correct them, they'll snap at you with some response about kink-shaming and political correctness.

What is the DD/lg dynamic?
I won't go too in depth in this because I've already covered it in this post. The DD/lg dynamic is a part of the D/s (Dominance/submission) dynamic and is a blanket term for anyone who follows the dynamic and identifies as a Daddy. It is a lifestyle. Mommy, little girl, little boy, babygirl, babyboy, etc. This means that there is a Dominant figure and a submissive and there is a power exchange between the two.  The power exchange does not have to be a TPE (total power exchange), it varies between couples - some littles like their Dom to have a lot of control over them while others prefer to only have their Daddy/Mommy control certain aspects of their life. In DD/lg, you'll notice that the Dominant is the Daddy or Mommy and the little is the submissive but sometimes you'll see littles in a Dominant position because they're a switch.

What is ageplay?
Ageplay is a fetish that involves some amount of roleplaying, it's very similar to pet play in the sense that you're acting out specific roles. This means that a person has an interest in regressing or roleplaying a younger age and this can be achieved through dressing up or taking part in younger hobbies and interests. Ageplay divides into three parts: adult baby, little, and middle. AB/DL (adult baby/diaper lover) is a type of ageplay but sometimes tends to be more of a lifestyle for some people. The age range tends to cover baby to toddler age. The "little" division tends to refer to ages 4-10, give or take. Middle refers to the preteen and teenage years, some people do refer to the teenage years as being "big".

Why the confusion?
As you noticed above, a lot of ageplayers refer to themselves as littles or babygirls/babyboys, just as little submissives do.They are two separate kinks though; not all ageplayers are interested in a D/s dynamic and not all little submissives are interested ageplaying. You'll even notice that there are some DD/lg groups on Fetlife that are for age regressing littles and non-ageplaying littles.

You'll notice a lot of people get defensive about terminology and their relationship. "Each relationship is different, based on the needs and desires of the people involved in them." While this is true, there are also titles and groups for a reason - for like-minded people to connect with each other. You are not a DD/lg dynamic if there is no power exchange between you and your partner because of what I explained above. It's okay to be an ageplayer and not have an interest in a power exchange relationship, it's honestly not for everyone. But to tell people that a D/s dynamic is not required to identify as a DD/lg is misinformation and it also puts members from either side in risk of being abused or mislabled as abusive.


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  2. I agree that there is definitely some disconnect in the terms used esp. on tumblr. The way I see it, just to put in my two cents as I'm curious if this might help, is that DD/lg falls in the middle section of a venn diagram where the two overlapping circles are D/s on one end and Ageplay on the other. DD/lg combines aspects of both while leaving both ageplay and D/s exclusive of each other. Also please note when I say DD/lg I do mean all gender variants (mommies, little girls/boys, baby girl/boys, etc). Thoughts?

  3. Thank you this really helps a lot. I am fairly new to this and was trying to figure out what I wanted and this helped.

  4. I don't think you have a concept of what ageplay is. You go to great lengths to explain how DD/lg is negotiable and how it varies between couples and that it is a "blanket term", and then you give a definition of ageplay that is strict, narrow and utterly inflexible as if it wasn't negotiable, didn't vary between couples and wasn't a blanket term for a huge variety of relationship dynamics.

    Worse, your definition is extremely pedestrian and sounds like something written by an outsider who may have heard a few things about ageplay, but has never personally talked to a single ageplayer. Ageplay is NOT a fetish. It can, but does not necessarily involve roleplaying. It does not just divide into adult baby, little and middle, and your definitions of these terms are just inflexible and wrong. You completely neglect the relationship dynamic between caregiver/Big and little; ypu completely neglect the importance of intimacy, closeness, dominance, submission, discipline and lots of other things that are or can be fundamental elements in ageplay.

    Please delete the paragraph about ageplay immediately, it is just narrow-minded and wrong.

  5. You got upset because somebody has a variation of what ageplay mean to them. It is an evolving fetish and it depends on the players on how each portrays ir acts out his or her role. I think the most important part of a kinky fetish is the satisfaction, gratification and pleasures derived from the ageplay.

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  7. I'm new to the community i identify as a"little " princess I knew after doing tons of research that this way the lifestyle I want forever thanks for this information it was very much needed

  8. DD/LG is an ageplay dynamic. This was very poorly written. XD

  9. Gosto muito da prática age play com uma Baby Girl. Sou de BH - Minas Gerais e espero encontrar uma aqui na minha cidade. É uma prática muito fofa, carinhosa e muito sensual.
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