Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Question on Aftercare for littles

So I have a new daddy and at first he didn't do after care and i asked him yo and tried to explain why and he agreed to do it. But niether of us really know what to do during aftercare..? How does he bring me out of subspace? - Anonymous
Aftercare is normally done through lots of physical affection after an intense scene has finished. This can be done through hugs, kisses, cuddling/spooning, lovemaking (gentle sex), and loving or caring conversations. For littles, more specifically, aftercare can involve bringing in a pacifier (if they are into that) and stroking the little’s hair or back; handing the little some coloring books and crayons and sit and talk with them as they color; filling up a (sippy) cup of their favorite drink, maybe some juice, soda, milk, hot chocolate, tea, etc.; or putting it in one of their favorite movies and relaxing on the couch or in bed. Remember that aftercare should revolve around you and making sure that your needs are being met. It’s also not uncommon during subdrop for a submissive to question their place in their Dom’s/Domme’s life so it’s important for the Dom/Domme to reaffirm that they love them, cherish them, and are proud of them.

You and your Daddy can also create an aftercare kit. Here’s an example of some items that you might see in one:
Here are some things you might like to consider including in your aftercare kits taken from Briarthornblog  that I didn’t mention above:
* large bottle of water (for both drinking and washing, if theres no tap handy)
* high energy sports drink
* energy food: chocolate bars / dried fruit / nuts / biscuits
* ice packs
* small first aid kit containing bandaids, vaseline, betadine, pain tablets, regular medications
* warm cotton socks
* very soft plush blanket (I adore Brookstone’s NAP range for softness)
* vitamin E oil: “The pure, edible kind with no scents or mineral oil added. It’s great for wound healing and for the general drying out of the skin that can happen during a scene, as well” (Carrie Ann)


  1. Aftercare is so very important. Rehydrating, a little sugar, and a soft blanket are pretty much what we use. She curls into my chest and I wrap myself around her and repeat affirming words.

    There is a difference with us between D/s aftercare and DD/lg aftercare. The former is straightforward where I bring her back up. The latter is more comforting and she will resist being brought back up, preferring to stay little.

    Be aware that the Top or Dom sometimes drops after the aftercare and it's good that once the sub or lg is comforted, for her to show appreciation.

    1. Sorry, messed up my DD/lg web url in my reply. Apologies. I'd also like to add that what works for one isn't what works for all. :)

  2. Because of how little I get after sex, our aftercare is a bit..more special.

    I often can't actually make out actual words to him but only little sounds and part words much like a baby. Basically adding different sound effects together. My word list that I have is, "Brrr", "Da-da", and "ba-ba".

    I am a very, petite girl and usually can only stay warm for a couple of seconds after sex, so blankets are a must (I usually have Loopy my little teddybear with my blanket). A waterbottle is a must--and for what ever reason my own personal goo being between my legs bothers me. I don't like how it feels, so he usually has to clean me up a bit.

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