Friday, October 24, 2014


Welcome to The Bordélyház or The Whore House

[10/24/2014 10:45:01 PM] Daddy: Haha... Bordello, huh? Such a fancy name for a whorehouse...

If you follow me here or on Tumblr, you'll notice that I very proudly call myself a whore. As I have discovered myself more and explored my fantasies, I have a lot that most vanilla people would quickly brand me as "easy", "cheap", or "prostitute". One thing that's called my attention in the past year more and more is being whored out and auctioned at my Daddy's orders. While I would probably never really do this because I'd rather not end up in jail, the thought turns me on.

I suppose I really am a major weeaboo still but I have this scene in my head:

Daddy (I suppose he'd be Sir here) would have me along with all his other whores lined up, most likely in descending price range. I imagine us all wearing revealing maid attire and dolled up, the highest priced ladies in the fancier dresses. Elegant and cute, but still with some sex appeal.

"See, ladies and gentlemen, all our wares are properly trained for any household."

I would be the highest priced slave, typically used for show to entice customers but only being given to well-respected and wealthy customers.

Each morning before the brothel would open, we'd be lined up for inspection: inspection of our holes, our hygiene, our attire, etc. I could see Daddy walking around with a crop in hand, tapping our lower backs if we're slouching or against our chins, ordering us to lift up our heads and show respect.

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  1. Dunno if you'll see this in time but Tentacl is saying that it is shutting down =/ So I shall probably never enjoy your company chatting with you again, at least not on there if at all.