Sunday, November 30, 2014

Deciding on a Collar Part 2

Daddy found a collar that He liked for me. We had a tough time deciding on one; my tastes were too plain, too obvious for a day collar, or his tastes didn't match up with mine. Ultimately the collar's look is His decision but He did want me to have a say on it.

We decided on a collar with an infinity symbol on it. I think we even get to choose the lock type we want for it, which will more than likely be a heart lock. I won't post a picture of it just yet because I'd rather post one once He has it and puts it on me. It's really cute though and I adore infinity symbols because it has a special meaning to me. It's a reminder that my place in His heart is forever and that I am His property forever.

He's going to order it soon and hopefully it'll be there by the time I arrive time I arrive or during the time that I'm there.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Deciding on a Collar

After four years of being together and three and half years of training, Daddy has finally decided that I'll be collared next month. We've actually discussed this several times in the past and it's been brought up that He wants to collar me, however He's always wanted to wait to do it in person. It would be more meaningful. I imagine it being the moment that I truly give myself to Him and we exchange power, even though I've said I would many times already.

I guess another big importance of it for us is that Daddy isn't big on marriage. He's actually opened up to the idea of marrying me, but it wouldn't be your typical Catholic wedding since neither of us are very religious anymore. But being given that collar is like receiving and engagement ring from Him... Just a much larger one.

We've looked around a bit but I've told Daddy that at the end of the day, the collar is His choice. Since I have my pink dog collar that's for play, I've opened up to the idea of having a metal day collar. We're having the hardest time deciding on the style of one. He wants something that screams me but is still within His budget, and not something that's too plain. I've told Him that until we're living together, a collar with a normal lock would be best and that we could create an official collar for me on Collar Factory, even though those aren't day collars.

Most of the ones I like are too plain for him but I like the simplicity, it leaves room for a special tag to attach to it.

                                                      From MockingbirdLaneWire

                                                          From RingofSteel

What we do know is that for the pendant or tag, W/we want "Dog Girl" engraved on it, and maybe have a few others to change here and there.

Being collared is something I've dreamed of these past few years. I've always wondered if I could have a little ceremony via Tinychat or with Daddy's friends that know. I imagine kneeling at his feet as he opens the box and unlocks the collar, putting it around my neck and securing it. I'm pretty sure that my face will turn red and that I'll cry because I'm very emotional like that.