Sunday, November 30, 2014

Deciding on a Collar Part 2

Daddy found a collar that He liked for me. We had a tough time deciding on one; my tastes were too plain, too obvious for a day collar, or his tastes didn't match up with mine. Ultimately the collar's look is His decision but He did want me to have a say on it.

We decided on a collar with an infinity symbol on it. I think we even get to choose the lock type we want for it, which will more than likely be a heart lock. I won't post a picture of it just yet because I'd rather post one once He has it and puts it on me. It's really cute though and I adore infinity symbols because it has a special meaning to me. It's a reminder that my place in His heart is forever and that I am His property forever.

He's going to order it soon and hopefully it'll be there by the time I arrive time I arrive or during the time that I'm there.

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