Thursday, December 4, 2014

Featured on Submissive Guide

I briefly mentioned this DDlgdoodles (a blog I run on Tumblr) that I was mentioned in a page of resources for DD/lg, ageplay, and AB/DL, not once but twice. As it turns out this blog was mentioned too.
DDLG Doodles: This tumblr page is filled with all sorts of awesome stuff including a lot of safety advice about different types of play. 
In Daddy’s Arms: A blog kept by an owned babygirl and submissive and her thoughts, experiences, and progress in her relationship.
-The Best Resources for Littles, Adult Babies, and Diaper LoversBy tequilarose on December 3, 2014

Pretty nifty, huh? And I do highly recommend checking out the full article because there are a lot of great resources out there, plenty that I didn't even know of.

I don't know how many lifestyle folks use Blogspot, I think Tumblr's pretty much #1 for the little community, but I know I get a lot of traffic on here via Google. I get a couple hundred views a day with people landing on my What is the DD/lg Dynamic? post either from people Googling DD/lg, similar phrases, or that page being linked by other littles on Tumblr. It's pretty cool to see that it's helped out a lot of people and as I continue to learn, I update it with new questions or touch up some paragraphs.

The rest of my blog is far more personal though so I was surprised to see my blog as a whole mentioned. In the past I used this blog as a back up in case my Tumblr was ever banned again because I didn't want to lose my entries again. My original DD/lg posts were rather strict and edgy, I have to admit. I touched up on a lot of topics in a militant way after being fed up with some of the misinformation being spread on Tumblr's little community. But as the year has continued, I've pretty much stopped using my main Tumblr to talk about my life with Daddy and kept it here. I've also kept my posts a lot more civilized so I guess I've matured in some ways. It's not that I don't want people reading my posts but I know most people who follow me on that Tumblr only follow me for my pictures or reblogs, so I don't want to spam their dashboards with personal posts.

I've been doing my best to update this blog more than I did last year. Especially with my trip coming up and my power exchange with Daddy shifting, there will be a lot to talk about in the upcoming weeks. We've discussed putting new rules in place for me. My rules have actually been around since the beginning of my dynamic with Daddy but we've added in things here and there. I'm expecting a big redo of it, but we'll see.

Part of me would like this blog to be more of a resource blog but I supposed that's why I created DDlgdoodles. I've cut down on posting there because I've been busy but I do want to do more guides, commissions, and cute & personal doodles. To those of you who read regularly or have subscribed to me, thank you. It means a lot. And the comments I get, I do read them and appreciate them. I have gotten some negative comments on other entries but I try to ignore them because I know it'll be like yelling at a well.


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