Sunday, January 4, 2015

What is a Middle?

I get a lot of questions asking about what separates a middle from a little. Unfortunately there's not too much information or resources for littles who identify more as a middle, so I'm going to try and help with that.

Typically regression is divided into three sections (youngest to oldest):

  • Adult baby - Infant
  • Little - Toddler to young child
  • Middle - Preteen to teen
Middle age tends to be 12-17. This age range is commonly associated with the terms "lolita", "jailbait", and "nymphet". Even though the titles tend to correspond to women, there are men middles also but not as common. Middles are more mature than littles in behavior, speech, and interests and show personality traits similar to teens. They are more aware of their surroundings, reasoning behind their behavior, seek a bit more independence, and are more aware of their sexual needs and desires. Brattiness may still be exhibited but may show itself more through sarcasm or defying/questioning authority. Despite all this, like most ageplayers, they still require lots of love, care, and support.

Middles' hobbies and interests vary depending on their age since this age range is fairly wide and it's the age range associated with self discovery. While most littles share common interests in little space or regression, middles have a wider range of interests. They possess similar interests common among the age they regress to so this can include video games, drawing, photography, make up, and fashion just to name a few examples. Of course there are also littles who show these interests as well but normally not during regression. Middles are also more likely to show interest in movies and tv series beyond cartoons and Disney. 

Through fashion and discovering their selves there may be more hints of sex appeal during dress-up. They may be more interested in buying clothes that enhance their body's features or match a fetish to appeal to their Daddy, Mommy, caregiver or even strangers online (if they're an exhibitionist). From what I've seen on Tumblr maid dresses, seifukus/Japanese school uniforms, and clothing similar to Dolores Haze are extremely common.

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  1. Ugh omg thank you! Whomever has created this blog has basically assured me of the category i finally feel that i may fit into. I'm definitely a middle. I had so much confusing within myself because i couldn't really get into a child-like head-space and am a bit more mature but i did enjoy ad do enjoy the ddlg dynamic so so much! And you're right there isnt many websites that cover this topic and i am so glad you did! Phuk yeah thank you!