Friday, February 27, 2015

Daddy's Sick

Daddy is very sick tonight. He started out with jaw pain Thursday evening and it quickly escalated to a radiating pain from his jaw and down his neck. Pain killers weren't working for him; the only thing that soothed the pain was swishing around or drinking cold water. At first we suspected that it was a simple toothache, then we thought maybe it was a wisdom tooth growing in wrong, but now we're more convinced that it's a decomposing nerve releasing gas that's trapped in the gum and under the tooth.

Daddy drifted off a few hours ago and woke up, deciding to go to the ER after realizing that his lymph nodes in his neck are inflamed and he has the chills. I'm hoping for the best outcome for him but I think he'll have to wait to schedule a root canal to solve the issue, and meanwhile just be given some powerful pain meds. Whatever happens though I just don't want to see him suffering.

It's times like this that I especially wish I was there. He's prone to migranes a lot and will sometimes sleep the entire day away due to the pain. I will admit that I miss him during those times but his health is more important. I always feel so useless though. No amount of e-kisses or blown kisses on cam will help. I hate to see him suffer because it upsets me.

As a Daddy it's his job to look after me and take care of me, but Daddies are humans too and sometimes they need TLC also. Some days I'll have to wear the big girl panties and take on my role as a loving housewife or maid. Like right now I'd set up a couple pills piled up against the wall of his bed and have him rest lying elevated to help with the pain. I'd make him some soup and jello to make sure that he's getting something in his stomach but without having to chew and apply pressure on his jaw. And of course I'd have have a damp, cool wash cloth ready to help cool down his body and an ice pack for his jaw and cheek. I'd do my best not to smother him (and that will be hard) but to let him rest and call for me if he needs something.

Get well soon, Daddy. Your health is important to me.

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