Sunday, April 19, 2015

Update 4/19/2015

Hi guys, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been going through a lot and have been really busy. I was in the hospital a couple weeks back and have had a couple family deaths, so March and April have not been kind to me at all. I'm doing better though and reaching the end of this school semester, so I'm looking forward to that. After this I'll have 2 semesters left in college, which means I'm closer to moving in with Daddy and studying in Hungary. A lot of things have been put on hold since I've been trying to get better, that includes a lot of things in my dynamic that are D/s related. I feel like Daddy has expected a lot less of me in lifestyle terms, but also expects more of me in terms of taking care of my health. While I do miss have frequent dates and spanking sessions, I know his control is still there, just focused in other ways. He's been really insistent about making sure I'm taking my medications and keeping up with homework. I'm spending a lot more time working on DDlgdoodles, as I attempt to put the blog back together, and working on DDlgforum. I take a hiatus from there as well due to what I mentioned above, but I'm back now and doing my best to stay active and moderate. I have some exciting news to share, I'm 3 weeks away from visiting Daddy again. This time I'll be staying for 90 days and I'm really hoping I can pick up on the language while I'm there. I'll also be spending my birthday with him, which is the day after I arrive. However there are some conditions that are beyond my control, so I'm hoping the best outcome for them: I have to have all refills for my medications. I'm currently without health insurance so I'm not able to refill medications, make new appointments, etc. While this should be resolved soon, it may not be soon enough, and as much as Daddy wants me there, he can't risk my health and well-being there without these medications.