Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Things I'd like to do with Daddy

It's now few days before I'm in Daddy's arms again.

Here are somethings I'd like to be able to do...

  1. Glomp him upon first sight at the airport
  2. Have some privacy at the hotel
  3. Have sushi
  4. Go out for tea on my birthday
  5. Go to ELTE
  6. Walk around Budapest and check out nifty shops
  7. Go to the mall and have boba tea
  8. Share kisses for every mile we've been apart, which is 5382 miles.
  9. Attend a lolita meet up again
  10. Have my ass kicked at Skull Girls, Guilty Gear, or Blaz Blue
  11. Take lots of pictures
  12. Have a movie date
  13. Have a movie date in the comfort of his bed
  14. Get one or two of my tattoos done
  15. Be bathed by him
  16. Practice the role of being his maid
  17. Shop for a Monster High doll together
  18. Cook for him
  19. Wander into adult stores
  20. Try more Hungarian food
  21. Braid his hair... Which will result in a spanking
  22. Have him choose outfits for me

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