Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Last year I had made a post announcing that I has finally decided that I would be transitioning. At the time we were set on the idea of enlarging my clit with with a topical cream that had some male hormones. I never did get around to buying it or even seeing how I could get my hands on it, since I think the one we looked at was not recommended by the FDA.

I had been a little unsure about it too. It sounded like the right idea for me, but it lacked some important details that I'd want from a transition:

  • At best it'd make my clit grow a few inches. That's pretty great but at the end of the day, it's still an oversized clit, not a penis.
  • It can't function like a penis. Two to three inches is hardly enough to play with. It would make it a lot easier to stroke, especially since I get off easily via clit stimulation, but I don't think I'd be able to penetrate a future partner.
I had been peeking around Bad Dragon a lot the past month looking to buy a new toy, but I also found out they sell packers. I had brought up the idea of buying one and that's when Daddy (always thinking about me) suggested looking into a ftm prosthetic. I had no idea such a thing existed outside of bottom surgery, so I had never considered it especially since I don't want to fully transition to a man and go through that diagnostic process.

I came across FreeToM and began browsing around their site. I was amazed by their packers, they looked realistic in shape and texture, and you could get them professionally painted to make them look even more realistic. It looked perfect and I should Daddy, being all super excited about this. He began poking around more and noticed they had more than just packers, they sold STP ones and, better yet, 4-in-1 prosthetics.

The 4-in-1 basically allows a person to pack, pee, play, and gain pleasure through the prosthetic and be able to do what cis men do. While quite a bit more than the simple packers, these prosthetics give me what I want without having to worry about bottom surgery that I'd probably never be able to afford. And what I also really like are the different styles and sizes available, which is great because I've been dreaming of having an uncircumsized penis.

I'm probably looking at $300 for the piece, that covers the prosthetic and realistic paint job, and I'd still need a harness. I think it'll be worth it though and the fact that Daddy supports me and even brought up this idea means the world to me.