Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Servitude of a Live-In Maid

It's a wonderful feeling to be fulfilling my servitude duties. You've never been too strict about them when I was visiting, even though I had promised from the beginning of our relationship that I would cook and clean for you.

In your mother's house it was a bit awkward but I did my best to pitch in. In my house, it feels natural. I'll be honest, most of the time I hate cleaning my house, especially when family complains about the mess, but for you I do it in a heart beat.

Before you arrived I worked my ass off cleaning my houses. I went on a massive cleaning spree but I didn't mind even afted you said I didn't have to do it for you. Afterall, we both have similar living habits and aren't the most organized, but I wanted to make things look nice and presentable because that's what you deserve.

I adore waking up every morning and being asked to make you breakfast. You seem to like whatever I make, even if it involves an ingredient that you've never tried before like when I made egg and chorizo. I always serve you before I serve myself because it feels right.

While I'm cooking lunch or dinner, it's nice to give you tastes of what I'm cooking and get feedback on the taste. You're always honest but most of the time you're satisfied with how it is. And cleaning up after you is never a hassle. Sometimes you offer to help but I insist that I do it.

Beyond cooking, I remember the first night you arrived at my house after an oversea flight and you wanted to shower. You asked if I could prepare your clothes for the evening before you dried off. Most of the time I'm used to bathing with you and washing your body but we've been doing things a bit different this time and I like it too.