Wednesday, February 17, 2016

5 Years with You

Five and a half  years ago I met an amazing man. If you ask him he'll insist that he's nothing special but he doesn't see himself through my eyes. 

Five years ago I was saved from an abusive relationship. While he was not the sole reason for my departure from that relationship, he was part of my support. I remember I would vent to him when things were going wrong and I began to realize that relationship could not be salvaged. At some point my ex messaged him and "handed" me over like I was something volatile or toxic, not realizing my emotions were part of the abuse he put me through. But that didn't scare Daddy away, instead he gave me a chance.

Five years ago I was introduced to how D/s should be - Dominance and submission through love, not through manipulation, demands, and threats. He took my health and well-being into consideration before making an serious changes in our relationship, even if I was head over heels and ready to jump right in.

When I look at him, I see love, growth, happiness, and a promising future. I've never felt like "simply an online" relationship, several months in I knew I wanted to meet him and be with him. And now that we've met and stayed with each other in person for weeks and months at a time, I've never been so sure of it. The next few years will be tough as we figure out the details of the move, but I know it'll be worth it.

Daddy do you remember?

  • I first told you I had a crush on you. I was so shy about it and asked advice on how to tell someone I liked them.
  • You used to Skype with me as I'd take a nap. You'd keep an eye on me and talk to me until I drifted off.
  • When I first asked you if I could call you Daddy instead of Master. I was so afraid of that word and intimidated of it thanks to my ex.
  • You watched after me when I got sick after the first antidepressant that was prescribed to me.
  • When I first started working on the journal.
  • When I brought the laptop to the kitchen during a Skype call to make Madartej together.
  • The hilarious conversations we had on IRC with our friends and they shipped us.
  • I made my first blog and how it went through several names: alittlekitty, daddysfuckbunny, daddys-doll.
  • How I used to write little tidbits of our Skype dates or conversations on our blog to look back on.
  • I sent you your first care package and how excited I was when you received it.
  • We would play chess and Words with Friends on Facebook. You always kicked my ass in those.
  • When you drew me as a cute puppy girl.
  • How you taught me about sex and pleasure. You always made sure that during out playdates that I felt good.
  •  How I first pictured our meeting (years before it happened), which was more of less accurate.
  • You used to call me Curly, Tumblie, and Anon's lil sister.
  • I called you Zero and Anon.
  • The first time I drew a chibi of us. You said "I'm not cute" and that phrase has stuck with us whenever I draw you.
  • We used to look at expensive made dresses for me on Milkyang.
  • I would do special pictures for you on Valentine's Day and our anniversary.
  • When we first met at the airport. You were too shy of kissing me first because you didn't want to overwhelm me.... Buuut I kissed you anyways to assure you that it was okay.
  • Our first sushi date together.
  • How you'd complain I look like "such a tourist" when I'd take pictures of everything in Budapest.
  • How I'd cook for you and serve you almost every meal. I love cooking for you even though some of my creations were a dud.
  • The first time you tied me up and how gosh darn cute I looked.
  • How you'd choose outfits for me when I was visiting or for photos I would take.
  • I convinced you to make a DD/lg blog.
  • Also Kitten and I temporarily ran a blog together for you and tried to insist that you use it too.
  • We read Uzumaki together and became fans of Junji Ito.
  • We read Homestuck together.
  • You also introduced me to Touhou which was a bad wonderful idea.
  • We would also play so often that we'd initiate little competitions together to see who could get the farthest in the games.
  • You used to give me weekly funishment spankings and I would yelp and wiggle during them.
  • I went from kitty, to bunny, and finally a puppy... Not that I don't have moments where I feel like I'm the others.
  • You were nervous about meeting my family and thinking you wouldn't get along with them. Spoiler alert: you did.
  • Goshujin-sama!
  • You would give me random inspections.
  • All the times you ordered me to go out in public commando or would randomly ask me to remove my panties and carry on with my day.
These are only a few of the many we have, and these are just the top of my head, and we have so many more to come.

Life with you is fun. You make me so happy.

So Daddy, will you be mine forever?

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