Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hello 2017

Hi everyone,

I don't come on here too often anymore despite being very active in the lifestyle. I still get a decent amount of comments on here monthly, so I guess this page has become a resource page. It probably is due for a revamp on articles. I don't really offer advice too much anymore on any of my online spaces, I really don't feel like I'm knowledgeable enough and I have a history of being somewhat elitist (in my opinion).

These days I spend much of my time doing lifestyle art on Instagram. I mainly draw DD/lg (CG/l), ABDL, and petplay but I branch out from time to time. Drawing a lifestyle that I love and connect to makes drawing even more fun than before. I have a drive to draw on a weekly basis (sometimes more) and get my creative juices flowing. Plus it puts me into the right headspace especially when I interact in comments.

You can find me on:

As of the past year I think I've found a happy equilibrium for my roles. Over the years I've argued with myself whether or not to put my focus on being a little or being a pet. Well I primarily identify as a pet now but my little side meshes with it really well. It turns out I'm a cute baby pup. Who would've guessed? ;)

I'm beginning to explore a younger age range for myself when it comes to my little side. ABDL items have been calling my attention lately beyond pacis. I have a couple of onesies so far from Onesiesdownunder and Littleforbig. I'm also looking into wearing diapers which is not something I ever imagined I'd be saying.

I'll start posting some reviews here in the future and video versions which will be found on Youtube.

Take care everyone and see you soon!