Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hello 2017

Hi everyone,

I don't come on here too often anymore despite being very active in the lifestyle. I still get a decent amount of comments on here monthly, so I guess this page has become a resource page. It probably is due for a revamp on articles. I don't really offer advice too much anymore on any of my online spaces, I really don't feel like I'm knowledgeable enough and I have a history of being somewhat elitist (in my opinion).

These days I spend much of my time doing lifestyle art on Instagram. I mainly draw DD/lg (CG/l), ABDL, and petplay but I branch out from time to time. Drawing a lifestyle that I love and connect to makes drawing even more fun than before. I have a drive to draw on a weekly basis (sometimes more) and get my creative juices flowing. Plus it puts me into the right headspace especially when I interact in comments.

You can find me on:

As of the past year I think I've found a happy equilibrium for my roles. Over the years I've argued with myself whether or not to put my focus on being a little or being a pet. Well I primarily identify as a pet now but my little side meshes with it really well. It turns out I'm a cute baby pup. Who would've guessed? ;)

I'm beginning to explore a younger age range for myself when it comes to my little side. ABDL items have been calling my attention lately beyond pacis. I have a couple of onesies so far from Onesiesdownunder and Littleforbig. I'm also looking into wearing diapers which is not something I ever imagined I'd be saying.

I'll start posting some reviews here in the future and video versions which will be found on Youtube.

Take care everyone and see you soon!


  1. There's nothing wrong with it. You need to be feeling good in your own skin but can I just say that having certain items doesn't change your little age. You are also allowed to use whatever you want if you are an older little. And you don't even need to use number or tell your age. If you really are younger than you feel that. It has nothing to do with things.

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