About Me

Doll has been a in the lifestyle since August 2011. She is in a long distance relationship with her Master which originally started online in February 2011. While still a newbie compared to a lot of other lifestylers who have been active for 10-20+ years, she writes about her experiences and opinions based on what she reads or what she observes from the online communities.


  1. Just starting a Daddy/Princess relationship. Your words and sharing have been very informative. Thank you

  2. Hi! We're launching a podcast that looks at how the internet has allowed communities to connect and find each other. Your blog is a perfect example, and we'd love to interview you. Is there somewhere we can email you more information? Or you're welcome to email us at info [at] blogologues [dot] org. Thanks!

  3. After months of research I feel as if deep down i truly am a little and i joined fetlife and im all over tumblr and i just feel very connected with that lifestyle. But until i read this blog i was so ashamed because i dont relate to diapers or bottles or baby talk so i thought i just wasnt valid.. I figured i really wasnt a little because i didnt know even what it was until i turned 21. I have been with this guy actually we just celebrated our 1st anniversary yesterday. Now i have been in the worst depression in the past week because i havent come out to my boyfriend about wanting to get into the little lifestyle. He is very vanilla. When we first met we worked together at Spencer's. Suicide squad JUST came out so we had a shit ton of merchandise and at this point we were "talking and getting to know each other and showed interest". He pulls out the famous DADDY'S little monster tee shirt that harley quinn wore and he was so discusted by it...i didnt picture him judging it like that ever. But he did. How i had the guts to tell him idk but 2 weeks later i said that i wanted to get that shirt and i couldnt because he made me feel as if i was discusting. I told him that i liked calling my boyfriends daddy and sir and how i was slightly submissive...(at this point i wasnt 100% sure what i truly wanted but was giving him an insight and the best way possible) but he was very sincerly sorry and was just very sweet about it and was so understanding. but right now we are currently very vanilla with the occasional light bondage. I call him daddy in and out the bedroom. Not in front of family. But he doesnt really know the REAL reason i call him daddy and ive been so depressed because i want to come out to him about being a little because i am surpressing her and its damaging me and our relationship but i am just so scared hes going to judge me. And leave me.... Any advice as to what i could do to break the ice?? I love him so much.Im desperate

    1. I told my boyfriend. We've been together a year and he said it was disgusting before as well. He is understanding and does not shame me for it. It just takes communication if they are worth it.

  4. Hi could you send me an email to daddyslittlemunster94@hmail.com