Friday, September 19, 2014

Some changes to come

After years of curiosity and months of contemplation, Daddy and I have decided that starting in December (hopefully) I will be going through a change - I will be increasing the size and length of my clit.

I've been fascinated with futas since a young teen and envied them. This concept of maintaining a biologically feminine body but with a penis and sometimes balls really interested me. I was always curious about how it would feel to have a penis and to be able to penetrate another person. I think this curiosity is fairly normal in both sexes.

For the past year, every once in a while Daddy and I would fantasize about me having a cock. Many times humiliation would be tied in with it because I really like that. We were able to get away with this because I naturally have a large clit. It (the clit and hood) sticks out an inch between my lips and does become fairly stiff when I'm aroused. Before I met Daddy, I was actually very embarrassed of my clit's size as well as my labia, so it's nice to be able to embrace it the past few years.

Up until yesterday, I thought the only way to increase the size of one's clit was through hormone injections. I never wanted to go through that because I do not consider myself a man (or trans) and do not want the other intended side effects. But Daddy found out that there are topical creams that can be used and it will increase libido and the size of the clit by 2-3 inches.

We're going to be reading up on it more just to be safe, but we've read a couple successful stories with pictures included and it seems promising. Since DHT cream can't be shipped to the US, our goal is to have it shipped to Daddy's house and I can start using it while I'm there.

I'm Going to Spend Christmas with Daddy